In order to keep your flooring looking fresh and help it last as long as possible be sure to keep it clean!
For stain removal spot clean yourself using cool water and blot the area, do not rub! If the stain does not come out refer to a local flooring provider/floor care professional. Do not use cleaners with optical brighteners as they may bleach your flooring.
Also refer to: Carpet and Rug Institute
Carpet care: Vacuuming your carpet regularly is all you should usually do. After a few years if you would like to get a deep clean and really brighten it up, shampoo it. Only shampoo your carpet once or twice a year at most, and be sure to use a professional truck-mounted steam cleaner.
Laminate care: Sweep as needed; a dry dust-cloth sweeper is the easiest and most efficient tool. Mop as needed using a combination of water and white vinegar (4:1) in a spray bottle; spray the laminate lightly and wipe away with a clean cotton cloth.
For spots that will not easily mop away use a cotton ball or cloth lightly saturated with an acetone-based nail polish remover and rub away.
Vinyl care: Sweep as needed. Mop as needed with the same combination water and white vinegar combination (4:1) as with laminate flooring or with a commerical linoleum cleaner.

If you stain your vinyl floor and it cannot be removed by cool water contact your local flooring provider/floor care professional.

If you drop a sharp object, such as a kitchen knife, point down onto your vinyl flooring, remove the object, clean it with a cool damp cloth, and use a dab of clear nail polish to seal the puncture. The nail polish seal will prevent dirt and grime from getting in the puncture so you will not see the mark unless you get up close!
Walk off mats at every door will help any floor look cleaner longer.
If you have further questions please look in FAQ or refer to your local flooring professional.

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