What types of flooring does Oneida Carpets carry?
Oneida Carpets carries and installs indoor and outdoor carpet, sheet vinyl, laminate, bamboo and vinyl tile. We also carry finished and unfinished hardwoods, cork, and ceramic tile.
What flooring should I have for kids and/or pets?
Any flooring is fine as long as it is durable and not very light or very dark. If you have pets, especially dogs, avoid berbers becuase their claws can get caught in the loops and pull them. Once one loop starts pulling it's like a sweater; it keeps going until there's a big empty line down the middle.
The least stainable and least scratchable flooring is vinyl or laminate.

I need new flooring in a high traffic area, how do I keep the floor from looking worn?
Purchase a durable floor or carpet with low pile height then sweep or vacuum regularly and use walk off mats at all outside doors.
I am not sure what color(s) would look best in my home.
We strongly encourage all customers to bring samples home. If you're not sure where to begin at all, bring in small decor pieces with colors you like or are already in your home (such as a pillow or paint swatch). A good rule of thumb for all decorating: Coordinate but don't match colors or patterns too perfectly or the room will be washed out and appear to have little dimension. Try Shaw's virtual room design here !
I'm on a budget, what is the price range for new flooring?
There is a huge price range for flooring. It depends on the type of flooring, installation, materials, and the size of the area. Until we take measurements of the area and find out what other materials you might need there is no way of giving an accurate price range.  If you let us know you are on a budget, we will be sure to stick with it and still find the best flooring for you.
How soon can my flooring be put in?
It takes about two weeks from the time the order is placed to the time of installation, but is typically longer during the holidays because we only use in-house installers.
Which is a better floor: hard surface or carpet?Hard surface is better in areas with lots of traffic and places that involve water (kitchen, bathroom) while carpeting is better in places where you want warmth and softness under-foot (bedroom, living areas).
Which is better carpet: berber, twist, or plush?
It depends on pesonal taste. Berber and twist are more casual than a plush. Berber is more firm but doesn't show traffic patterns as quickly as plush, which shows vacuum marks and footprints.
Which is better: linoleum or laminate?
Again, this depends on personal taste. Linoleum has more color and style options but laminate has a better warranty, is more easily repaired, and is scratch resistant.
How long should I expect my carpet to last?
If maintained properly a good quality carpet can last 15-20 years depending on the amount of traffic.
What's the difference in oz weight?
The oz weight for commerical carpeting tells how much yarn/sqft the piece has. The more yarn/sqft means the more material the piece has and therefore it is more durable than a lower oz weight.
The oz weight for non-commerical carpeting tells the pile height. The oz weight for non-commerical carpeting does not indicate quality or durability.
What is the pile height?
Pile height is how long the fibers in carpets are: the thickness.
Is pad important?
Pad is very important for any non-commerical carpet. Good quality pad can make your carpet last longer. Using cheap pad is throwing money away and is so important Oneida Carpets only uses one kind.

Pad under laminate is also important because it helps insulate the floor, prevents echo, and helps minor unevenness.
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